Snips Media Announce Partnership with Apple to Promote New Music and Emerging Artists with Influencers

  • Posted on Jul 05, 2017

CHICAGO, IL — July 5, 2017 – Snips Media today unveiled its new influencer campaign platform, Social Beats, to promote music, podcasts, and other audio content across social media. The company also announced a partnership with Apple to promote new music and emerging artists on Apple Music through its new music subscription service. Together, they are working with influencers to reach millions of new listeners across their social networks and other new channels.

"Artists are looking for new ways to build their digital presence and make their content discoverable," said David Zaretsky, CEO and founder of Snips. "Social Beats provides a single platform to promote original music content and reach more fans through social influencers."

While popular streaming services have changed the way audio content is accessed, discovering emerging artists and new music is still a challenge. Social Beats campaigns include an audio clip that embeds natively in social posts, making it easier than ever for music to get discovered organically. The posts are linked to Apple Music, where listeners can access over 40 million songs through a streaming subscription service.

"We are very excited to work with Apple in promoting new music and artists on Apple Music," said Zaretsky. "With it's massive music library and streamlined interface, its easier than ever to share great music with friends."

Social Beats is the latest addition to the Snips social influencer network and campaign platform, which connects advertisers with audiences of influencers to amplify the reach of marketing campaigns. Social Beats operates on a performance-based cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model, so advertisers only pay for real measurable results, while influencers earn by driving music purchases, streaming subscriptions, or podcast downloads. Real-time analytics and a suite of tools are available to both influencers and advertisers to track and measure audience engagement across social channels.  Social Beats and other influencer campaign platforms are available immediately.

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