Snips Media Launches Branded Memes Platform for Influencers and Brands

  • Posted on Jul 26, 2017

CHICAGO, IL — JULY 26, 2017 — Snips Media today unveiled their Branded Memes platform on, the latest addition to their suite of social media management tools for influencers and brands. The platform allows influencers and brands to easily create and share original visual content with audiences across social media. Memes can be created from any photo or animated image, which may be edited, resized and overlaid with stylized text in the platform. It also features the ability to brand the meme with a logo, allowing your brand to reach new audiences as sharing fans spread the meme across social media.

"With the massive amount of content on social media, images and videos have become the most effective way of capturing audience attention." said David Zaretsky, CEO and founder of Snips Media. "Branded memes is a powerful tool for content creators to captivate audiences visually in original and exciting ways to grow their community."

In today’s social media landscape, trends change every second creating challenges for influencers and brands that want to stay relevant with audiences. Through a partnership with Tenor, Snips influencers and brands can access millions of real-time trending photos and animated images, or search by category and keywords. The images can be edited directly on the Snips platform, then exported as animated GIFs or MP4 videos that can be shared on any social media.

"For a meme to go viral, knowing what’s trending and relevant is really important, but so is understanding what content format is best served on each social media," said Zaretsky. "Snips allows you to easily readjust image sizes and change the output format from GIF to MP4 so memes can be optimally shared on any visual platform like Instagram and Snapchat."

The Branded Memes platform has also been integrated with Snips Scheduled Posts. As hashtags are entered into post messages, recommended memes are automatically displayed, which can be selected and shared across multiple social media sites at a scheduled time. Branded Memes can also be manually uploaded into a post.

Branded Memes and other exclusive social media management tools are available immediately to members of the Snips influencer network.

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